Starting a brand-new semester is hard, especially when you’re leaving behind the comfort of home and the holidays to dive right back into school. To help make that transition a little easier, here are four tips you’ll need to help this semester get off on the right foot.

1. Buy your textbooks early

You’re already juggling enough at the beginning of the semester: moving back in, catching up with friends, spending those gift cards you got from random family members. The last thing you want to do is stress about not having textbooks around to kick off the year strong. So take a few extra minutes of your holiday relaxation time and order those books. Plus, ordering via Chegg or Amazon is typically cheaper than the campus bookstore.

2. Plan your money

Spring semester comes with all sorts of price tags: spring formals, new clothes for weather changes, spring break vacations, an internship wardrobe, and much more. It’s better to plan now and have some wiggle room than struggle through to May barely getting by. Set a budget for yourself, plan for big purchases, and schedule out a few treats for yourself to help along the way.

3. Take care of your health

If you haven’t taken your flu shot yet, get it as soon as possible. Since you usually suffer a few days of feeling less than great after a flu shot, you want to get that over with before you come back to campus. Find the Walgreens closest to campus with this easy map.

You’ll also want to get your yearly doctor’s visit planned as soon as you can. Booking with campus doctors once school has started can be a pain, so calling ahead to ensure you’ll be seen is a great start to a semester.

4. Think about summer plans

Are you spending you summer on a beach or in an office somewhere? For either choice, you’ll need to spend some time planning now to make summer more enjoyable. If you’re looking to land a dream internship, start applying now. Recruitment, interviews, and hiring can take a while, so get started early. Periodically check in on your favorite Winston-Salem-based companies to see about internship openings.

Do you have any other tips on starting the semester off right? We’d love to hear from you.