1. Kabobs on Fourth

This hole-in-the-wall, Middle Eastern restaurant in downtown Winston-Salem is a great place to check out for a unique vibe and some delicious food. Kabobs on Fourth is certainly worth trying for anyone who loves Middle Eastern cuisine.


2. 6th and Vine

This restaurant and wine bar is a great place to get a fine-dining experience without the fine-dining prices. 6th and Vine features a quaint patio, high-quality food, and an excellent brunch. If you’re out for a night on the town, you can even stop by to get a taste of their late-night menu, served exclusively after 11 p.m.


3. Bib’s Downtown

Bib’s features some of the finest barbecue in all of Winston-Salem. Their menu offers anything from grilled wraps to their famous smoked meat plates. If you’re looking to get your fill of tender, smoky meats, this is the place to go. As their menu says, “It’s not Eastern or Western, it’s Bestern.”


4. Hutch and Harris

If you’re looking for a brunch place, this is one of the best places in Winston-Salem. The Hutch and Harris brunch menu is full of delicious choices that will wake you up on a Sunday morning. Stop by to experience their food for yourself.